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An experienced outsourced business development specialist, providing infrastructure and lowering
the cost of sales for SME's

Wellton provide sales executives to support / manage your in-house sales operations. Sales executives work as part of your company and not as a third party representative.

Wellton provide a dedicated team of marketing experts, who can plan, develop and implement a marketing strategy for either a set product or as part of your overall business development plan.

Wellton's dedicated team of in-house sales executives are experts in the design and implementation of strategic sales plans.

As part of our core business, we can develop a sales strategy for your overall business or as part of a specific product launch.

About Wellton

Wellton is an experienced outsourced business development specialist, providing infrastructure and lowering the cost of sales for SMEs.

We achieve this by working with our clients to support and complement their existing sales, marketing or market research. We collaborate to meet their objectives, strategies and priorities to ensure sales and marketing activities are in line with, and fully capable of delivering results consistent with the company's overall business plan.

This approach allows our customers to benefit from a dedicated group of sales executives who have a proven track record and extensive knowledge of business development in a variety of sectors, without incurring the costs of employing specialist staff.

Choosing Wellton to operate on a supplier basis, allows businesses to increase and decrease sales efforts in reaction to changes in the market. This flexibility is part of what makes us successful when working with companies who experience inconsistencies in revenue.

Wellton was setup to address the issue of misused resources, where individuals more suited to management or operational matters often found themselves involved in business development in order to supplement the sales function. This represented a misuse of valuable resources and contributed to inconsistent sales. However, it can be overcome through integration of an outsourced approach.

Each account is designated a single point of contact which ensures that control of the account is managed and optimised and gives the customer a clear focal point. Behind the account managers at Wellton are very strong management and KAM (Key Account Management) teams. This structure, along with the other support functions, ensure that clients, project leads and contacts are captured and shared. When compared to employing or subcontracting an individual, there is no comparison.